Stop Smoking


These days no one needs to be told that smoking is a serious health issue. In the UK, over 60,000 cancer cases were attributable to smoking. Smoking also increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, lung disease, bone fractures, and cataracts, amongst others. Smoking impacts negatively on other medical conditions such as asthma, and smokers can also experience difficulty conceiving.
It is also worth remembering that up to 17,000 children under 5 are admitted to hospital each year as a result of secondhand smoking related diseases.

It is never too late to stop smoking and the sooner you do, the faster your body will recover.

The benefits of stopping include;

  • increased energy,
  • a boosted immune system,
  • improved lung capacity- get rid of that smoker’s cough,
  • lower stress levels – in the long term smoking actually increases stress levels,
  • better skin, fresher breath, no clingy ‘smoky’ odours or stained nails,
  • no worries about the impact of your second-hand smoke, and of course,
  • a longer life expectancy.

As well as the health and social pluses, you will also find yourself much better off financially.

Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique which allows the subconscious to accept positive suggestions for change. The most important factor is that the client is ready, wants to stop smoking, and has made this decision for themselves. This is when hypnosis is most effective. A recent study found that 21 patients provided with three sessions of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation resulted in the vast majority (81 percent) successfully quitting. 

In a smoking session, we will talk about the possible reasons why you smoke and what keeps this behaviour going. We will then use individually tailored hypnotic suggestions to get rid of any negative thought processes or thinking patterns connected to smoking behaviour.

So if you wish to stop smoking, take the first step and contact me.