It’s a hectic world we live in, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to relax and switch off.

We can feel that there is always something that we need to do, never giving our minds and bodies the chance to relax and rebalance. 

Stress-related illness are becoming more and more prevalent. We know that stress has a negative effect on our immune systems, as well as on our ability to concentrate and be productive, and so it affects both body and mind.

Relaxation is the antidote.

When practised regularly, it can become an automatic soothing response to the stirrings of stress.

The benefits that can be gained from relaxation include:

*Decreased heart rate and respiration rate
*Lowered blood pressure and increased blood flow
*Decrease in anxiety, depression and insomnia
*Relaxed muscles
*Reduced pain (long-term illnesses, chronic conditions)
*A boost in energy and better sleep patterns
*A sense of calmness and confidence
*Improved coping abilities

In my classes, we will utilise hypnosis, visualisations and mindfulness techniques to allow you to truly relax and enjoy some time out for yourself – just to relax.

These classes will take place in a lovely private yoga studio in Great Cheverell on Fridays at 18.30 (starting Friday 29th March 2019). Cost is £6 per class. Full details will be emailed to you on booking.

You may wish to bring a blanket and/or cushion – whatever will help you to relax completely.

Booking is essential as space is limited.

Please use the online booking system or contact me to save your spot.