Hypnotherapy for Dental Problems


Hypnotherapy for Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is an extremely common experience. In fact, one adult in every three has a moderate to severe fear of dental procedures.

For some, this anxiety will be so severe that it will reach phobic levels, and result in the complete avoidance of dental treatment. This can mean suffering with painful and/or embarrassing dental problems, perhaps for years. This has a hugely negative effect on one’s quality of life; perhaps leading to low self-esteem, avoiding family & friends, and putting one’s long-term health at risk.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and you want to feel relaxed and at ease at the dentist, hypnotherapy can help. Dental anxiety can usually be traced back to a bad experience or to horror stories we have heard as children & may even have consciously forgotten about. Hypnosis can help to review these memories and the associated emotions in a safe way, so that the anxiety is released and thought patterns changed.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in enabling those with any level of anxiety to undergo dental procedures with calmness and confidence, allowing dental visits to become routine.


Gag reflex

The gag reflex is part of your body’s natural defence system. It acts to protect you from choking. Sometimes, this reflex can become hypersensitive and very unhelpful. It can prevent the swallowing of medication, the wearing of dentures, and, in extreme cases, some people may struggle to brush their teeth without gagging.

There is usually a psychological reason behind a hypersensitive gag reflex. It can manifest from previous experiences or from existing anxieties.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome a hypersensitive gagging reflex by giving positive suggestions to the subconscious mind where any unresolved issues can be resolved.


Bruxism (grinding & clenching)

This is usually a stress related dental problem. Persistent bruxism can cause other dental problems such as tooth wear, gum disease, and even cracked or broken teeth.

Both grinding and clenching happen unconsciously, commonly at night when you are asleep. This means it is not under your conscious control.

Hypnotherapy can work on easing any underlying stress by working on the root cause subconsciously, and in changing thought patterns so that when stressed you no longer respond in the grinding & clenching behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can help you to develop more positive and helpful strategies for coping with and overcoming stress.