Everyone will experience some degree of anxiety and panic at some stage of their lives.

Anxiety is a strong emotional state usually accompanied by negative feelings such as unease, worry, feeling depressed, lack of concentration, being irritable, sometimes having unwelcome intrusive thoughts.

It also manifests physically; constant tiredness, dry mouth, sweating, muscles aches, fast heart rate, quick shallow breathing, and dizziness, amongst other symptoms.

And it is also expressed behaviourally, for example, through avoidance behaviours, or the development of obsessions.
Although, (thankfully) most people will not suffer from all of these symptoms at once, it is clear how unpleasant any level of anxiety is and how debilitating severe anxiety can be.

It is very important to accept that anxiety can be useful, and that it is a normal part of everyone’s existence.

Many of the physical symptoms are due to the release of adrenaline in response to a perceived threat or stressor. This is known as the fight-flight-freeze response. This response has been necessary for our survival and can be beneficial in performance enhancement, such as before an exam or a sports event.

It only becomes a problem when it occurs in excess or in an exaggerated response.

Of course, not everyone will experience anxiety in the same way. I can help you to understand how you react to anxious thoughts or feelings, what your triggers are, and how to increase your positive feelings of calmness and relaxation in your everyday life.

Anxiety and panic are ways of thinking and behaving which may have served you well in the past, but these protective strategies have become over-sensitive, and are impacting on your quality of life.

Hypnotherapy can be used to allow your mind to accept positive suggestions, perhaps that these strategies have become inappropriate & that you can find new ways of coping, of staying relaxed in situations that would have stressed you out previously, gaining a new sense of confidence and control.