Couples Counselling


I offer couples counselling and support to those who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Within a safe and non-judgmental space, I focus on identifying the individual emotional needs for both parties. Together, we identify the reasons these are not being met within the relationship and how to move towards meeting mutual needs. Emotional needs include:

  • the need for intimacy and friendship
  • the need to give and receive attention
  • the need for a sense of autonomy and control
  • the need to feel competent
  • the need to feel connected to others and be part of a wider community
  • the need for privacy
  • the need for a sense of meaning and purpose

My approach is solution-focused, in order to get practical, effective, and efficient resolutions to conflict and emotional distress. We work together to set agreed goals and plan how to meet those goals by using innate resources that may have been damaged or suppressed within the relationship. 

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If you are in need of support within your relationship, Contact me.