Hypnotherapy with Children


Did you know that I also see children in my practice? As part of my professional development, I have completed a specialised Hypnotherapy with Children course.

Hypnotherapy works amazingly well with children as they are so used to engaging their imagination. They respond really well to stories and imagery using details from their own lives; information that has come from, and is important to them.

With so much recent research into the growing levels of anxiety, depression and stress in children and young people, hypnotherapy offers a natural and effective way of easing these issues. 

Hypnotherapy can be used for bedwetting, phobias, insomnia, unwanted habits, confidence building, anger management, and much more. As with adults, it is important that the child wants to change whatever the issue is.

As a safeguarding measure, children are always accompanied by an adult during sessions. For issues which may have a medical cause, I would always recommend that you talk to your GP.


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